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Jul 18, 2019

2010: Put yourself in the shoes of journalist Robert Lusetich for a moment. You’ve been a Los Angeles-based foreign correspondent for Rupert Murdoch’s flagship newspaper, The Australian, for more than a decade when the plummeting print business claims you as its latest victim.

ROBERT LUSETICH podcast excerpt: "Tiger Woods is a guy I first met in 1996 when he was still an amateur. I always liked the guy; I thought he was a decent guy. You look at his character failings and they're significant. But if I had to cut off every married man I know who's had an affair, I'd lose some friends. There is more to this guy than tabloid headlines."

You’re out of a job but want to stick with the PGA Tour. You have a brilliant idea: Write a book about a year in the sporting life of the world’s greatest golfer, Tiger Woods. A publisher snaps it up and you seemingly have it made. Except you pick the wrong year to focus on the wunderkind, who self-destructs as your year on his tail comes to an end. Even worse, you miss catching him at his real sport, mistressball. But you and your publisher move forward and the result, Unplayable: An Inside Account of Tiger's Most Tumultuous Season, still captures a fascinating year on the links with Tiger. It’s a well-written book, perfect for golf enthusiasts, as it captures a young man whose game seems in decline for reasons no one can yet identify.

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