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Jan 31, 2017

Day of Days is a painful movie to watch. Don’t get me a wrong – it’s a pretty fascinating two-person indie drama about an old man’s last day on earth and the substitute nursing aide who picked the wrong day to be on call. What makes the movie painful is seeing actor Tom Skerritt playing such an elderly, infirm old codger. He’s too damn good at convincing the viewer that he could go at any minute.

CLAUDIA ZEVALLOS podcast excerpt: "I lot of people have a different takeaway from the movie. They have regret, they have pain, they have tears of joy. That's the beautiful thing about 'Day of Days.'"

You know Skerritt – he’s a beloved American character actor who has starred in M*A*S*H, Alien, Top Gun, A River Runs Through It, Up in Smoke, and the television series “Picket Fences.” And then there is his co-star, Claudia Zevallos, a Lee Strasberg trained Peruvian actress who struggles to dissuade her one-day charge of his notion that the only thing that lies ahead of him is a walk to a bright light at day’s end. As Marisol, Zevallos has her own world of hurt and loss of faith to battle this day. Zevallos seems both familiar and exotic in the role, but she is a fresh face and a distinct talent, whose previous English language film roles include A Better Place.

CLAUDIA ZEVALLOS podcast excerpt: "What I picked up from Tom Skerritt was that he was always on time. And he always had a smile. It didn't matter what we were working on that day. He was very much a professional. A gentleman, for sure. And he was always trying to read the director, Kim Bass."

Key interview moments:

• 2:30 Actress Claudia Zevallos talks about the intense emotion reaction different people to her two-person drama, Day of Days;

• 13:10 Zevallos reveals what she learned about professionalism from veteran actor Tom Skerritt on the set;

• 24:05 She kept reminding herself to live in the moment while shooting Day of Days.

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