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May 27, 2017

Only one of the three of us living in the Mr. Media® residence is organized. The other two? Not so much. It’s a constant pressure point, too, where the one is constantly picking up after the rest. They complain they don’t have any room, don’t know where anything is, can’t find something important at a crucial moment… If this sounds like your home and your life, let’s work together today to do something about this.

GEORGENE LOCKWOOD podcast excerpt: "Where do you begin? Do you begin in a corner? You might begin on the couch so someone can sit on it. For most people, it's the area that causes the most stress and aggravation every day."

Joining me today is Georgene Lockwood, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Organizing Your Life, now in its fifth edition. I will say this: there is a ray of hope in the Mr. Media home. One of the two non-organized entities here pounced on Lockwood’s book when it arrived and immediately started babbling about all the great ideas found within it. Time will tell whether they take or get left in a pile somewhere.

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