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Jan 30, 2017

I hates cats. Maybe “hate” is a strong word. The problem is I’m allergic to them. I can think of many aspects of my life that would have turned out differently if it were not for the adult onset of cat allergies. Dinner parties I would not have had to leave early due to puffy, red eyes. Intimate social encounters uninterrupted by wheezing and breathlessness. You get the idea. So I can’t be around cats. And, I suppose, because of that, I do hate cats.

JACKSON GALAXY audio excerpt: "When I first started, I wasn't the most comfortable walking into people's homes. We want the focus to be you and your cat, not the guy who might duct tape you to your chair. If you want somebody wearing a sweater vest, we probably weren't meant to work together."

To me, then, all cats are sent from to us from Beelzebub. Which is why I instantly accepted the opportunity to interview rock guitarist and cat wrangler Jackson Galaxy on the occasion of his new Animal Planet mini-series, “My Cat From Hell.” The show debuts Saturday, May 7 at 9 p.m. I’d probably want to watch the show just for the spectacle of Galaxy himself – the shaved head, goatee and cat tattoos are quite a sight to behold, even before we meet the various felines on steroids. This should be fun.

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