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Jul 27, 2018

My over-the-backyard-fence neighbor and I have been exchanging books back and forth for years. As a result of this show, I have introduced him to several mystery authors published by the Hard Case Crime imprint. I think it is safe to say that we share a favorite among them—Max Allan Collins. I wasn’t sure of this until a few months ago when the latest batch of fiction that my neighbor dropped off for me included a stack of “Quarry” detective novels by Collins. I may have introduced him to Quarry but he bought all the ones he had not yet read! That’s a fan.

MAX ALLAN COLLINS podcast excerpt: "It's never been that I picked up where Mickey Spillaine left off. I always view that as rough draft material and I expand it, trying to maintain a voice that is similar to his."

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Collins back to the show for the third time. We’re going to focus on his latest deep dive into the literary estate of the late detective fiction writer Mickey Spillane. It’s called “Killing Town” and it’s a gem—but not just because it represents the 10th posthumous Mike Hammer novel that Collins has written from partial manuscripts and notes Spillane left behind when he died in 2006. No, this one is special because it chronicles Hammer’s first ever adventure, written in the 1940s. It was never published until now. Since the last time he was here, Collins has seen his own character, “Quarry,” brought to life on Cinemax. He and his wife Barb celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. And he has endured and overcome some serious health challenges. I’m delighted to get a chance to catch up on all of the above and more today.

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