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Jul 30, 2018

When it comes to NBC’s Monday night spy rom-com “Chuck,” regular listeners know I’m not afraid to let my geek flag fly. Mr. Media has been delighted to host interviews with >Josh Gomez, who plays Chuck’s best friend Morgan, both halves of Jeffster, Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky, and even Ken Davitian, best known for co-starring in Borat with Sasha Baron Cohen, but also recognized among elite fans as “Uncle Bernie” in the episode titled “Chuck Versus the First Kill.”

YVONNE STRAVOSKI podcast excerpt: "Chemistry is this weird thing that happens on camera. You can never predict what kind of chemistry you'll have with someone. With Zach and me, it works on screen. We've been friends for the whole four seasons. I'm very excited that it works and that that's the reason people follow the show. They want to see what happens with these two lovers who are now a couple."

So welcoming the stunning Yvonne Strahovski to the show is the easiest thing I’ve had to do since starting out four years ago. As Chuck’s long repressed girlfriend, Sarah, Yvonne has made an impression for everything she brings to the role besides being the sweetest eye candy on the planet. She plays a woman who kicks ass, male and female, takes a backseat to no man or woman, is smart, intuitive and an excellent example of the kind of character that every dad should want his teen daughter to admire and respect. I love that my wife and son and I have a show we can watch and enjoy together and I’m delighted that Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski can take a few minutes out of his schedule to talk about the show with us today.