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Mar 28, 2017

Sure, sure, poor, poor Chris D’Elia is being set up as eye candy for the ladies on the new NBC sitcom, “Whitney.” Boo-frickin’-hoo! Have you seen the pictures of the show’s lead – and his character’s girlfriend – comedian Whitney Cummings, working through scenes in a lacy purple bra?

CHRIS D'ELIA audio excerpt: "Whitney wrote the part for me. She's one of these people who finds people she likes and tries to create opportunities. She told me two years ago that she wanted me to play her boyfriend and I said, 'Cool.'"

I think Mr. D’Elia, who we’re about to meet, can handle the trade-off of being a boy toy for female viewers if it means representing all the men watching the show--including Howard Stern, who lusted after Whitney on the radio just this week. Think of all of us envying you in your next bedroom scene with Whitney, dude. “Whitney,” which was created by Whitney Cummings, could be a major break out hit this season if it is anything like her standup act. She’s got a strong supporting cast, starting with D’Elia, himself a working comedian, who was previously a regular in the TBS series “Glory Daze.” You might also recognize Tampa’s own Maulik Pancholy – who previously played Alec Baldwin’s assistant on “30 Rock.”

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