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May 6, 2015

As a writer and podcast host, I’m a strong believer in protecting my intellectual property rights and exploiting them for every penny that they are worth. That’s how I make my living, quite frankly. And in my line of work, I am always in situations where I am collaborating with artists and photographers. Unfortunately, many of them over the years have treated the rights to their work as a burden rather a potential source of endless income.

ED GREENBERG podcast excerpt: "It's tribal knowledge. Photographers have a tendency to ask other photographers for legal advice. Which is illogical. They don't ask photographers for dental advice. If they need a podiatrist, they don't ask for a photographer to do podiatry work. But when it comes to the law, unlike plumbers, carpenters and any other artisans, they call other photographers for legal advice. Most of the legal advice on the web, their sole qualification is that they own a keyboard. The photographers take that advice and gamble their business and family fortune."

The way I see it, once I create a work – whether it is a book, a magazine article, or even a podcast – I expect it to be an earner for the rest of my life. A little here, a little there, and pretty soon it all adds up. And that’s the reason why I thought it would be interesting and educational to invite attorney Ed Greenberg and commercial photographer Jack Reznicki to come on the show and talk about the finer points found in their new book, The Copyright Zone: A Legal Guide for Photographers and Artists in the Digital Age. If you are an artist or a photographer, or know someone who is, this is going to be a very interesting show.

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