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Aug 21, 2017


It seems like movie star Christian Slater has at last found solid footing on network television. His ABC series, “The Forgotten,” got off to an admittedly slow start in the ratings when it debuted last fall, but the network stayed with it and so has a growing audience.

ELISHA CUTHBERT podcast excerpt: "When you come from a show like '24,' the bar is raised pretty high. Working with Christian before, I knew I was coming into a professional place and I knew it would be a lot of fun... My commitments to '24' are completed now. I think the door is still open, but it's trickier for them because they have to work around 'The Forgotten.'"

Now the show stands to get a boost from the addition of a familiar face: Elisha Cuthbert, who we saw grow up over eight seasons—or days, if you will—of the Fox series, “24.” She’s joining "The Forgotten" as of Tuesday, February 9 in the recurring role of Maxine Denver. The sound you hear is a million Elisha fanboys around the world giving thanks to God.

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