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Dec 4, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely attentive to my body language and yours. Part of it, I’m sure comes from years of being a reporter. The job often demands that we make observations about people we’ve just met and attempt to divine what their actions and movements mean. And sometimes I just like to sit in public places and guess at what’s going on with people by watching the way they move and interact with those around them.

DR. LILLIAN GLASS audio excerpt: "There was one situation in the first presidential debate where we saw President Obama at the podium. His toes were on the ground, but his heels were up. That was indicative of a person who wanted to leave. The body doesn't lie. When you put it all together, you see the truth!"

Little did I know you could make a career of this! Dr. Lillian Glass, who previously visited Mr. Media to talk about her book Toxic People, is really on to something with her latest book, The Body Language Advantage. Whether you’re in business, in a relationship, a sports coach or just like people watching, you’re sure to learn something interesting from Dr. Glass’s interpretations of body language – and the accompanying photos. And I’d like to immediately suggest a sequel: "The Naked Body Language Advantage." Think about it.

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