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May 9, 2015

It’s a given that if you’re a fan of something, anything, you’re going to absorb quite a bit of trivial knowledge about it. Best Avenger? The Vision. Worst Avenger? Moondragon. The same is true of whatever fandom you follow, from “Game of Thrones” to “Breaking Bad” and from “Lord of the Rings” to “Star Trek.” And, of course, “Doctor Who.”

CAMERON K. McEWAN podcast excerpt: "One of the fun lists was the Doctor Who computer games, spanning from the 1980s until now. I knew all the Doctor Who games. That was enlightening and fun because some of the games I hadn't played before."

My family sucked me into the Who vortex two years ago. I thought their crowning achievement was getting me to The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales, where we wandered around the actual set of Matt Smith’s T.A.R.D.I.S. And we watched the coronation of the next Doctor, Peter Capaldi, on the telly in our London hotel room.

But then Capaldi himself was a guest on this show back in December 2014 and I was completely charmed and converted. (And I’d sell my soul for a night with his co-star Jenna Coleman, but that’s a conversation for another day.) Another development on my journey was hosting Cameron K. McEwan on Mr. Media last year to talk about his first book, The Who’s Who of Doctor Who. Since then, we’ve become Facebook friends and it was a foregone conclusion that he’d be back today to promote his new project, Unofficial Doctor Who: The Big Book of Lists.

CAMERON K. McEWAN podcast excerpt: "I have all the Doctor Who stories on either DVD or audio (for the ones that are missing). I have an episode guide from the 1990s which is very handy. And a collection of the scripts, because what was actually said in an episode is vital. Research involves me remembering things and then going to sources."

Some examples from the inside Doctor Who book: • “Excuse Me, Did You Drop Something?” – Doctor Who name drops from the beginning of time; • “7 Classic Series In-Jokes” – including self-references; • “6 Times the Doctor Predicted the Future” – including the emergence of Margaret Thatcher as UK Prime Minister; • And “TV Shows That Doctor Who References” – from “Scooby-Doo” to “The Addams Family,” of course! The Big Book of Lists is the Who’s Who of Doctor Who on steroids for Who fans.

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