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Sep 26, 2018

On the NBC freshman sitcom hit “Community,” Donald Glover plays “Troy,” a self-involved, former high school football star trying to find a place for himself in a junior college setting where his athletic accomplishments don’t mean much. On the other hand, the pretty young girl in his study group, Annie—played by Alison Brie—thinks Troy can do anything. Anything with her, that is.

DONALD GLOVER Interview Excerpt: "When I was writing at '30 Rock,' sometimes Tracy Morgan couldn't make it and they'd have me do my Tracy imitation at the table read. Marcy Klein, a producer on '30 Rock' and 'Saturday Night Live,' asked me to audition for 'SNL.' It moved to doing bit parts on '30 Rock' and doing my own standup before 'Community.'"

What may surprise fans of the show to learn, however, is that Glover was previously best known as a comedy writer. He was a writer and executive story editor for “30 Rock,” sharing Writers Guild of America awards with the staff for best comedy series three years running—not usually the most direct line to starring in a sitcom. The Community actor also wrote, scored, produced and stars in the movie, Mystery Team.

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