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Dec 7, 2018

Amy Rose may be the greatest country music singer on the planet. I can’t prove that beyond a reasonable doubt, but I love the way she sings and right this minute, my opinion is more important than anyone else’s. So yeah, Amy Rose is the greatest country singer in the world!

AMY ROSE podcast excerpt: "'One More Sleep' was a Christmas song I heard five or six years. But it was originally done by Leona Lewis, who won 'The X factor' UK in 2006. It's relatable; how many times do you tell your kids, 'Four more sleeps 'til Christmas ... Three more sleeps"?

She is also a fabulous flirt, has a great sense of humor, once improvised a theme song for Mr. Media, and in 12 years of doing this show, Amy is one of my favorite all-time guests. Which explains why this is her fourth appearance on Mr. Media. This time around, Amy is here to talk and sing about her favorite holiday – Christmas. She will debut her new holiday tune, “One More Sleep,” and perform one of her all-time favorite Christmas songs, “O’ Holy Night.” Joining Amy on guitar will be her producer, “Dusty Sprinkles” himself, Marty Beecroft.

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