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Jan 9, 2019

Dan Washburn is a country singer/songwriter with a great big ol’ voice and personality, a knack for catchphrases and an ever-present bit of whimsy in his delivery that brings a smile to my face whenever I hear his music play. As you can see, the man looks the part, too.

DAN WASHBURN podcast excerpt: "I wrote the song 'Someone Like You' for my Mom when I was 10. Till the day she died, my Mom would call me and say, 'We've got company. You've gotta come over here and sing that song you wrote for me!' And I would, every chance I got."

Give him a few minutes to win you over, even if you’re not normally a country music fan, and I think you’ll be sold. Washburn joins us today from his native Ontario, where he has just released a new single, “Long Story Longer.”

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