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Feb 5, 2019

Elections in Florida are screwed up, especially for Democrats and Democratic candidates. The same is true in places such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Georgia, to name just a few states of electoral disrepair.

MADISON PAIGE podcast excerpt: "We want to make (running for office) easier for people. We want people to be engaged. We want to help candidates to get into races. We want citizens to have an easier time making their voices heard. The government we have is the result of what we do."

But today I want to focus on Florida, because that’s where the nation’s eyes turn every four years and because, well, that’s where I live. As the 2018 midterms wound down, I came upon a very personal Facebook Live video by a frustrated, angry Democratic political consultant and activist who had a message for the Florida Democratic Party: “I told you so.”

MADISON PAIGE podcast excerpt: "In Florida, in 2020, I can tell you, right now, without knowing who is going to run or be on the ballot, in statewide races or in the presidential race, it's going to come down to a handful of voters. Period."

Madison Paige, founder of Bold Blue Campaigns, apparently had presented a roadmap to the state’s Democratic Party for overcoming obstacles and winning more elections up and down the November ballot. Was she right? Was she wrong? I don’t know. But today, in my small way, I want to give her a direct forum for sharing her ideas moving forward.

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