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Feb 13, 2019

(From 2009) (UPDATE - Larry Harris died on December 18, 2017.) 

Everybody thinks their life story would make a good book. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. Larry Harris is not everybody. He’s 1970s records mogul Neil Bogart’s cousin—and a co-founder of legendary Casablanca Records—for heaven’s sake, and boy, does he have a great story to tell. Reading his new book, And Party Every Day: The Inside Story of Casablanca Records, is to be transported back to the wild early days of the rock band KISS and the origins of disco with Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder.

LARRY HARRIS podcast excerpt: "KISS was anything but a slam-dunk. The makeup turned everybody off. It made people cringe. We had to find ways around that." 

There are insider stories, anecdotes and revelations about how the music business—and the radio industry—work that will curl your hair. It seems like every page has something fresh, fascinating and sensational, from the mountains of cocaine and payola to who slept with whom. There are mafia implications, too. Read this book and then decide whether your life story holds up.