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Mar 16, 2019

Richard Lynch is a country singer/songwriter who ended 2018 with a surprise honor – a place in the Ohio Country Music Hall of Fame. His final concert of the year, on New Year’s Eve, was literally interrupted by a representative of the Hall making the official announcement. On less ostentatious occasions, the Richard Lynch Band can be heard on the road performing songs such as “Country Music Isn’t Country Anymore,” “A Better Place,” “Love Tattoo” and “Mending Fences.

RICHARD LYNCH podcast excerpt: "I'm very fortunate that I grew up in a household where Dad was a good ol' country boy. He gave me a lot of opportunities I probably wouldn't have had if it weren't for Dad."

He is the kind of guy people think of when they think of country. And his music is well-known for Lynch’s inclusion of his faith in its lyrics. If you’re unfamiliar with the Richard Lynch Band, never fear; Lynch will be performing two songs live on today’s show, “Old Feed Store” and “Pray on the Radio”!

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