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Sep 20, 2013

Jeremy Seifert’s oldest son likes seeds. He’s fascinated by their variety of colors, shapes, sizes and function.

Jeremy Seifert and his wife, Jen, want to raise healthy children and be healthy themselves. But the more the Seiferts learned about GMOs – genetically modified organisms – the less confident...

Sep 17, 2013

When we hear a new band, I think most of us instinctively go to the “sounds like…” tab in our brains. So when I first heard New Jersey’s Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why, here are the acts I immediately thought of: Jimmy Buffett. Michael Franks. The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Yours results may vary, of course.


Sep 14, 2013

Today on Mr. Media, I’ll talk to one of America’s most successful, most popular soccer players ever, Olympics and World Cup champion Brandi Chastain. What's up with Brandi Chastain now? She’s here to talk about the Active Family Project, sponsored by Merck Pharmaceuticals. Merck is donating soccer kits to US...

Sep 12, 2013

I heard the first song on singer-songwriter Jeff Black’s new album, B-Sides and Confessions, Volume Two, and that was all it took.

One stanza of the lyrics, in fact, cemented his appearance here:

I dropped down to see the doctor
He gave me some strange strange news
He said I think you’re going to live forever...

Sep 10, 2013

Twenty years in any business is an accomplishment worth celebrating. But 20 years of surviving the fickle and ever-shifting tastes of comic book fans—when you don’t even publish comic books!—is a special event unto itself. And that’s exactly what John Morrow has accomplished with TwoMorrows Publishing, the...