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Dec 27, 2017

Today's Guest: Patrick Fischler, actor, "Mad Men," "Lost," "Weeds," "Southland"


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The first time Jimmy Barrett appeared in a second season episode of AMC’s Emmy Award-winning series “Mad Men,” was like a sock in the jaw. Who was this 1960s potato chip shilling, insult comedian? Why was he so rude all the time? And how dare he shake up ad man Don Draper’s world? Every time Barrett—played to crunchy perfection by actor Patrick Fischler—was in an episode, he turned the show upside-down and inside-out. So, of course, Draper slept with his wife! And, of course, he made a play for Betty Draper in return!

PATRICK FISCHLER podcast excerpt: "Jimmy Barrett was the best job I ever had. 'Mad Men' was already my favorite show when I was cast on it... Jimmy was the beginning of the end of the marriage of Betty and Don Draper. I hope that we get to revisit him." 
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But Fischler has been all over our televisions these last few years. He was a recurring character in everything from “Lost”—when some of the characters time traveled back to the 1970s—to “Southland.” Currently, you can see this "Mad Men" favorite as a hotel manager on Showtime’s pot-ty sitcom “Weeds.” He’s also currently appearing in TNT’s “Dark Blue” and Fox’s “Lie To Me.” And he was in episodes of many more great series that are big favorites in our house: “Pushing Daisies,” “Burn Notice,” “Star Trek Enterprise” and even “The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.” with Bruce Campbell. Patrick is married to a beautiful rising actress, Lauren Bowles, who joined HBO’s “True Blood” this season as a waitress and was a guest on this show just a few weeks ago. They’re also new parents. Speaking of family, he even did an early episode of his sister-in-law Julia-Louis-Dreyfus’s sitcom, “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” And Fischler is more than just an increasingly familiar face on TV. His film career extends from Mulholland Drive to this summer’s hit Steve Carrell comedy Dinner for Schmucks. In fact, he’s just back from Pittsburgh where he shot One for the Money with Katherine Heigl. Also in the can is Miss Nobody and a role in the Ayn Rand film adaptation of Atlas Shrugged.

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