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Sep 25, 2015

Little known fact: my bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida is in film studies. Not that anyone studying film there or anywhere else today would recognize my independent study degree in today’s high pressure world of film schools.

JASON B. KOHL podcast excerpt: "Film school is a not a two- to four-year slog to become famous! It's about learning to be a complete human being and how to communicate with the world."

Jason B. Kohl, on the other hand, is a model of what every young kid attending film school at USC, UCLA, NYU, FSU, Ringling, SCAD and other top schools want to accomplish. He’s a former Fulbright Scholar with an MFA in Directing from UCLA Film School. His short films have played SXSW and been finalists for the Student Academy Awards.

JASON B, KOHL podcast excerpt: "There is a lot of strategy involved in applying to film schools: when you finish your student films, to send them to all the festivals, and when you'll hear back from those festivals. Things take a really long time. Film festivals are the same process as film schools; I had completely written off my UCLA thesis film the day before it got into SXSW because to got rejected by so many festivals. It had been five months since I mailed the application!"

Hell, I want his career! In service to the next generation of would-be filmmakers, Kohl applied his experiences as a film student and up-and-coming filmmaker in a new book, Film School: A Practical Guide to an Impractical Decision.

Key interview moments:

• 6:10 Film School author Jason B. Kohl advises prospective film students to "find your voice" before starting the the application process;

• 18:05 Students need to understand that applying to film schools -- and film festivals -- require patience and strategy;

• 26:50 Don't apply to film school with the single goal of becoming rich and famous; that's a sure way to fall flat on your face (or elsewhere).

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