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Dec 4, 2014

Laurie and Alan are a professional couple having frequent sex because they’re happily married and want to have a baby. You know – procreation. Jack is having a lot of sex because... he can. Oh, and because he’s found a way to get paid for it. You know – recreation.

ANN LEWIS HAMILTON podcast excerpt: "I had dye injected in my tubes and they followed where the dye goes. My husband was like, 'My poor wife, my poor wife!' And then they said to him, 'We're going to need to check out your specimen. And we're going to need A LOT.' And my husband was like, 'Oh, no!' That journey for him wasn't terrific. But he did make the joke, when we were doing the IUI, 'I hope that's me!' I filed that away and thought, 'That would be kind of interesting.'"

There is no reason on earth for their lives to cross. Until they do. And then all bets are off in terms of guessing where Ann Lewis Hamilton’s first novel, Expecting: A Novel, will take the reader.

ANN LEWIS HAMILTON podcast excerpt: "For a while (after working for Roger Corman), I was the chick in Hollywood who could write action -- car chases and stuff like that. Somehow, some producers got scripts of mine to Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz when they were looking for writers. I remember thinking, 'Is this really going to be a good fit?' I didn't do very well on 'thirtysomething' when I started. In a weird way, I think the miscarriage helped because it was the first thing I actually wrote about myself and how I was feeling."

Expecting grew out of the author’s personal experiences with infertility – to a point. Then, I suspect, her experience as a writer and/or producer of popular TV dramas such as “Haven,” “The Dead Zone,” “Grey’s Anatomy, “Saved,” “Providence,” “Party of Five” and “thirtysomething” probably took over to drive the narrative. I think you’ll enjoy Expecting – whether you are or not – and I can’t wait for this interview to be over so I can see how it ends. As is my usual practice, I set the book down with 30 pages left so as not to inadvertently give away the ending!

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