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Nov 5, 2014

Honestly, when I heard today’s guest leads a band named “Zeta Wave,” I was really hoping I’d like her music because I already liked her name,

ALIYA HASHEMI podcast excerpt: "There's something amazing about taking something that comes from your head and turning it into this big final song."

Was she a fan of ‘60s legend Wavy Gravy or the 1970s Miami radio station Zeta-4? Well, the good news is that Zeta Wave’s music – singer-songwriter Aliya Hashemi calls it “bedroom dance pop” – is just as cool and curious as the band’s name. So I extended an invitation for her to join us and talk a little about herself and introduce us to her music. In a few minutes she will be performing two songs from her brand new EP, Over. In an Iggy Azalea world, "Aliya Hashemi" actually sounds beautiful and mysterious all on its own. “Zeta Wave” is just a bonus.

ALIYA HASHEMI podcast excerpt: "Things fell into place in 24 hours for me to come to LA (from Seattle). I called my parents and said, 'I'm moving to LA at the end of the month!' There was, like, silence. I got rid of all my things except for what would fit in my car and I drove down by myself."

On the other hand, she grew up in Seattle before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a music career. So who knows what sounds best in that town?

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