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Jun 21, 2019

2010: Howard J. Morris and Jenny Lee didn’t just co-author the new book Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid, they actually live together as a couple. My experience, many years removed, is that working on a book with my spouse, a gifted editor, wa s that to continue doing so would generate the title, “Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid… Couple is Divorced.” But I digress.

HOWARD J. MORRIS podcast excerpt: "As we were writing, I kept thinking, 'This would be a great episode!' Once the book got a really good response, we sold a pilot to ABC. It was the best early Christmas present ever. And now we have to cast people as ourselves." 

Morris and Lee have an advantage over most couples who might put themselves in the position of exposing the intricacies of an interpersonal relationship. They’re professional TV comedy writers so zingers and comebacks are all part of a day’s work. Howard began his career writing for one of my favorite HBO series of all time, “Dream On” and later wrote for “Home Improvement,” “My Wife and Kids,” “According to Jim” and “The Starter Wife.” Jenny was a writer on one of my wife’s favorite shows, "Samantha Who?" And is the author of three humor collections, including Skinny Bitching.