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Jun 21, 2019

2010: The last two years have been horribly stressful on the wallets and pocketbooks of Americans, rich and poor. There have been days when most of us felt we were in a financial hole from which we’d never climb out. To be sure, there are still plenty of challenges ahead and many of our friends, family and neighbors are unemployed, struggling to make ends meet.

ELIZABETH LEAMY podcast excerpt: "Don't take another 30-year mortgage. Use the savings you get from the lower interest rate and roll those savings into a shorter mortgage. Your payment, often, is not any higher, but you're paying more aggressively and savings tens of thousands of dollars."

There are two sure things we can do in situations like these: 1) Take any job that provides at least some income to pay the bills; and 2) Cut back on expenses. This is where “Good Morning America” consumer reporter Elisabeth Leamy can help. In addition to her regular reports on the ABC morning show, Elisabeth just published a new book called Save Big! It’s packed with an array of clever ideas to save a lot of money in this time of need.

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