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Nov 26, 2012

I cannot tell a lie: Today’s show is mainly intended for an audience of one: me. Ever since I turned my back on Blogger in 2011 and finally embraced WordPress as the platform for the Mr. Media website, I’ve been eager to pick up tips and advice wherever and whenever I could. That’s why I invited Matthew MacDonald as today’s guest. His new book, WordPress: The Missing Manual, is supercharged with easy-to-digest information that everyone from beginners to advanced users could benefit from reading.

MATTHEW MacDONALD audio excerpt: "If you're looking at a blog, there is nothing else like WordPress... WordPress is just so easy and comfortable; one out of every five new sites is a WordPress site. It's just staggering." 

MacDonald is a science and technology writer and the author of more than a dozen books including Creating a Website: The Missing Manual and HTML5: The Missing Manual. I hope you’ll find this conversation of interest, but either way, I’m barreling ahead and focusing on learning all about WordPress!

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