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Jun 22, 2019

Must be my lifelong resistance to getting stoned, but I’ve never been a huge fan of jam band music. Dave Matthews is okay in small does, as is the Grateful Dead, and to be perfectly honest, I’ve had little exposure to the music of the band Phish—and that’s spelled P-H-I-S-H for those of you who listen regularly but may be musically clueless.

PARKE PUTERBAUGH podcast excerpt: "I don't know what struck them about me, but I do know what struck me about them. First, before I ever heard a note of their music, at their insistence, I flew up to Burlington, Vermont, which is their home base, and hung out for a weekend. No tape recorder turned on, no interview--it was a 'get to know' session. I had never had anything happen like that before. So I get to know Phish as people, first. I became fascinated by the music they were making and captivated by the whole scene."

But what I do recognize is a good story, and that’s what Phish biographer—and former Rolling Stone magazine staff writer—Parke Puterbaugh has in his new book Phish: The Biography. Even though I’m not a Phish-head, I thought by reading the book and talking to Parke, maybe I’ll see the light. Let’s see what happens.

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