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Apr 24, 2014

Can I be honest with you folks? I don’t entirely “get” Audrey Rose Goldfarb’s online video diary, “Audreality.” The point-of-view is a little awkward, the narrative often incomplete, and her friends are unlike any of my friends. And yet... I can’t stop watching!

AUDREY ROSE GOLDFARB podcast excerpt: "I felt like the show, 'Audreality,' would make itself. I'm born and raised in Portland and I'm in love with my town. There is always something happening here; it's very creative."

The first episode I watched, “No Pants Portland,” made me wish we had thought of that when I edited the alt-newspaper Tampa Bay Weekly. It was daring, fun, and a lot of good-looking people gave up wearing pants! “The Babes of Beastfit” sounded better than its actual execution, but I still watched. And her last episode, season four’s “Swiss MissTravel Mini-Series” – a peek at international online dating, left my head spinning. But I watched it all. If you’d like to leave your own comfortable universe for a while and get a taste of how a real free spirit lives in Oregon's oddest city, leave your jitters behind and visit one of the 50 episodes of "Audreality" on YouTube.

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