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Jul 25, 2014

So... I was a guest at Megacon in Orlando back in February 2006, I think, and I was given table space to promote my book and panel discussion. I was situated between an independent comic book artist, Keith Knight, creator of Knight Seeker, and an animator-slash-entrepreneur, Mark Simon. Both guys were energetic, friendly, and made the hours pass quickly. Through the magic of Facebook, I’ve been able to follow both their careers, although I don’t recall that we ever had another conversation since.

MARK SIMON podcast excerpt: "Like blueprints are to a house, storyboards are the blueprint for how to build these huge productions we put on."

That all changed a few weeks back when I heard from Mark Simon and realized he would be a natural guest on Mr. Media. Here’s why: Simon owns three entertainment-related companies and has written 10 books on related subjects. He has worked on more than 3,500 productions, and while I haven’t verified the count, he does own one of the most prolific storyboard houses in the southern United States.

MARK SIMON podcast excerpt: "The director and I go back and forth until everything is done. I'll rough out thumbnails first... We'll send out a PDF of each sequence to the entire crew. And I'll send a 'movie' (animatics) to the key people -- the designer, the producer, the DP, the director, and the production manager."

He also produces animation – including work on “The Little Rascals” cartoon and live action remake – and one of his companies helps people to sell their TV ideas. We’re going to start the conversation with his latest book, Storyboards: Motion in Art, which is a massive how-to for anyone with ambitions in the field. And I’m hoping Mark will also provide a demonstration of what a storyboard artist actually does. (Oh, and Keith Knight? Call me. You’re next!)

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