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Nov 15, 2014

I don’t know if I’d rather be one of Lissa Warren’s cats or one of the authors she shepherds around when their books are published. Either way, you can count on receiving some extraordinary care and handling. And probably feeding, too. I’ve known Lissa for several years in her role as book publicist for Boston-based DeCapo Press. She has connected me with some of Mr. Media’s most popular interviews, including former TV “Hercules” Kevin Sorbo, singer and former Righteous Brother Bill Medley, and, most recently, Anthrax co-founder Scott Ian.

LISSA WARREN podcast excerpt: "(The Good Luck Cat) is the story of a family that will do whatever it takes for each other."

She is always a pro and always a pleasure. Like a lot of people we deal with daily in singular roles, it’s often a surprise to learn they have lives outside of the way we know them. For example, I had no idea that Lissa was such a complete homebody. Or that she has an MFA in creative writing, with a lean toward poetry.


Or that she was a cat person.

LISSA WARREN podcast excerpt: "Korats are a silver-grey in color; if you were to see a photo of one, you would see why we instantly fell in love with the breed. They are just gorgeous. In addition to beautiful appearance, they have beautiful temperaments. They are a very loyal cat; they are sensitive and smart; they are a fun cat. My Korat, Ting-Pei, was a handful when she was young, but they do mellow a lot in old age. The Korats are sweet, gentle, refined animals. It's a great breed."

I learned that she had written The Good Luck Cat: How a Cat Saved a Family, and a Family Saved a Cat by sheer accident. We became Facebook friends recently, after years of strictly professional interaction, and I suddenly saw all these references to an upcoming book. Why didn’t you tell me? I asked. This must be the first time a book publicist didn’t want to impose on someone in the media for publicity. And for herself! But Lissa Warren has written a warm, touching, family-friendly memoir of the life she and her parents built around a most unusual cat, a Korat named Ting-Pei Warren. There are moments of great humor and great sadness captured forever in these pages. My number one takeaway? I wish I had known her dad, Jerry Warren. Seems like I missed meeting a fascinating man. And that Lissa is a peach.

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