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Feb 2, 2015

Right about now, I’m figuring that Sergio Bruna, star of Ora TV’s popular late night TV variety series, “El Pelado de la Noche,” is wondering what wrong turn landed him on Mr. Media. I must tell you that when a publicist approached me about featuring the star of a Spanish-language program, I was prepared to dismiss the pitch out of hand. I’m one of those guys who still watches the TV shows and movies featured here. And if it’s an author, I read their book.

SERGIO BRUNA podcast excerpt: "We say what we want when we want. 'El Pelado de la Noche' means 'The Bold at Night'! Bold is sexy! Bald is sexy! The world hasn't caught up yet, but they're going to. I don't hold back. If the network wants to bleep a few words, they can. We're very real. I think that's part of why audiences like us. And we have the hottest girls, ever!"

So how was I – a guy who flailed about miserably in high school Spanish more than a few years ago – going to make intelligent conversation about a comedy show about which I could only follow the general flow, but not the actual words?

Oh, and – I had to ask the question – “Does Mr. Bruna speak English?”

SERGIO BRUNA podcast excerpt: "Because we say, 'Don't watch it,' that's how we get the young people to watch."

He does. Then I thought: Just watch the show. Oh my, God – the cast and the audience have the greatest time every week! They giggle and guffaw, clap and stomp their feet. Bruna and his cast – including some extraordinarily beautiful young women – knock ‘em dead every time out. Obviously, the show is looking to get the word out, so why not do it here – with the proviso that I may not know what the heck I’m talking about. “El Pelado de la Noche” is a web TV series with new shows posting every Thursday on Ora TV – that’s www.Ora.TV.

SERGIO BRUNA podcast excerpt: "When I was 14, I stopped going to school. I was hanging out at parks, at libraries. I loved reading. I'm a great student, even though I didn't go to high school. I like to choose a subject that I'm attracted to and I'll dive into it. When I was 15, I told my mother, 'I don't want to be here. This is a small town; I want to see the world. I want to make money.'"

It is one of only two Spanish-language programs on the channel, which is best known as the home of Larry King’s post-CNN talk show. That one, needless to say, is in the King’s own English. Other notable programs include “William Shatner’s Brown Bag Wine Tasting” – I swear I’m not making this up – and two-time Mr. Media guest Jesse Ventura, host of “Off the Grid.” Sergio Bruna, la bienvenida al Sr. Medios!

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