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Sep 26, 2012

I know that NBC wants me to talk about its new sitcom, “Guys With Kids.” But I can’t get there without telling you first how much I enjoyed one of its stars, Erinn Hayes, in her breakthrough work on the brilliant but cancelled comedy “Worst Week.”

You probably never saw that show, but it was incredibly funny and remarkably innovative in its storytelling. Each episode packed what would have been several weeks worth of gags on another show into a single wacky episode.

There were so many fine moments on that show that I actually bought the entire season on DVD, something I’d never done with a comedy before. You can get a set for yourself for something like $6.99 from Amazon; do it, you won’t be sorry.

ERINN HAYES podcast excerpt: "My character says things on Guys that are a little mean, but we're finding the fun in it." 

Which brings us to Erinn Hayes, who played Melanie, the long-suffering fiancee of Kyle Bornheimer’s klutzy, bad luck suffering Sam. Everything these two touched went hysterical wrong. They were the perfect TV couple; while I suspect the show was built as a vehicle for Kyle—a two-time guest here—by the end of its run, Erinn Hayes was every bit a star and a treat for the eyes and ears.

Ironically, these two actors have been cast in a number of wonderful but doomed comedies over the years including “Perfect Couples” for him and “Kitchen Confidential” for her. “Kitchen Confidential” launched the career of a guy you might have heard of, Bradley Cooper, star of The Hangover movies.

Hmm. Bradley Cooper may have gotten his stardust from Erinn Hayes. What makes me think that? Well, another Hangover star, Ken Jeong, was still better known as a real-life M.D. before his appearances on “Worst Week,” which starred… Erinn Hayes.

It’s wonderful to see the beautiful and talented Erinn Hayes back in action on "Guys With Kids," Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.