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Sep 29, 2012

J.C. Isabella wanted to write books.

But doing it the old fashioned way – you know, with paper and ink – can be a torturous, time-consuming process with no promise of success.

And so, modern, resourceful young twenty-something that she is, J.C. chose the do-it-yourself route. She wrote her first book, "The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club" in 2011 and published it in November as an ebook available via’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. She knows what high school kids think.

That apparently was a pretty good experience, and within three months, she wrote and published a second book, The Council, A Witch’s Memory. Book number three – Chasing McCree – arrived just 60 days later. And her fourth, the short story The McCree’s Star Spangled 4th – was in e-readers on July 5.

I expect she’ll tell us that her fifth book, The Unofficial Story of Kyle B. Johnston, will be out any day now.

J.C. ISABELLA podcast excerpt: "I was teased a lot in high school but I haven't used anything that specifically happened to me yet in a book... Writing about high school--there's so much you can do with that. I like to write about first things that happen to you." 

The great thing about J.C.’s books is that the barrier to entry – the cost – is very low, just 99 cents per title.

How does an author make money at that price? Well, J.C., who lives in Clearwater, Florida, has found a way – as a matter of fact she quit her job earlier this year to be a full-time author. I think you’ll enjoy her story.

By the way, if you read a lot of young adult fiction, there are many more interviews like this one at, including my conversations with Sara Zarr, James Dashner, Lisa McMann and Heather Brewer.

Footnote: No trees were harmed in the making of J.C. Isabella’s books – or this interview.


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